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Daily Schedule

Socrates Weekly Schedule 2022-2023

Aikin..#differencemaker and Justiss-#unstoppable

Daily -7:10-7:40 3rd Grade Hall Duty

Monday-8:00-11:00 ½ of Ms. Sartor’sClass-Aikin

                11:10-11:40-Mrs.Dillard/Anderson Lunch Duty (Cafeteria)

                12:00-3:00-Mrs. Vines’Class (lunch included in time)   Aikin    


Tuesday-8:00-11:00-½ of Ms. Sartor’s Class-Aikin

                11:10-11:40-Mrs.Dillard/Anderson Class Lunch Duty (Cafeteria)

                12:00-3:00-Mrs.Hamer’s Class(Lunch included in time)  Aikin


Wednesday-8:00-11:00-Mrs.Helm’s Class    Aikin

                     11:10-11:40-Mrs. Dillard/Anderson Class Lunch Duty (Cafeteria)

                     12:00-3:00-Ms.Lara’s Class(Lunch included in time)   Aikin


Thursday-8:00-11:00-Socrates-Ms. Peeples’ Class   Justiss

                  11:00-11:50-Lunch/Planning Period

                  12:00-3:00-Socrates-Mrs. Langston/Peralta’s Class  (Lunch included in time)  Justiss


Friday-8:00-11:00-Planning and Preparation/Make-up Classes/Parent Conferencing      Aikin

           8:00-11:00-Enrichment Classes at Justiss (Last Friday of each month)      Justiss

          11:10-11:40-Mrs. Dillard/Anderson Class Lunch Duty (Cafeteria)

           12:00 -3:00-Make-up Classes/Parent Conferencing/Planning and Preparation/Community 

                                Service Projects Aikin

          Daily Afternoon Bus Duty-3:05-Red Bus



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