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Weekly Lesson Plan


E-  Meet and Greet at the door.

X-  Morning Meeting

C-Lessons 39 - 42

E- Halves, fourths, eights of a whole, create and read a bar graph, Face assessment 7, addition facts with sums of 11, solving story problem3, written assessment 7, oral assessment 4, measuring with one-inch color tiles, fact practice, naming , comparing, and writing fractional parts of a whole, trading pennies for dimes, base 10 blocks and making connection between dimes/pennies and tens/ones, memorization of second grade math facts.

L - What Stuck With Me?



C- Module 3, week 2, pp 186-247

E - Reading:  Read Pepita and the Bully ;  read Be a Hero! Work it out! And Serious Farm  in read aloud. Vocabulary words/Power words, Theme with fantasy, retelling in logical order, words about communication, features of infographics, figurative language, wrap up the topic,   Scholastic News

 - Phonics -  Saxon Phonics - lessons 36-40; long vowel with silent e, digraph oo, digraph ee, spelling with ck and k, Assessment 

  -Grammar:  past tense verbs with -ed, verbs in the future tense;  present, past, and future tense, connect to writing, review action nouns

  -Writing:  Journal writing,  forming cursive letters; narratives

L - What stuck with me?


C - Unit 4 - Energy, Motion and Magnets

E-   What are Forces?, How do forces make objects move? Brainpop Jr. video on Pushes and Pulls, flocabulary video:  Force; Voc:  motion, force, speed,  Sum it up, Brain check, Science Spin/Scholastic News

L - What stuck with me?


Social Studies

C -Week 9 - North American Indian Nations

E -  Discuss how American Indians were the first inhabitants of North America, Indian culture, homes;  customs and beliefs of different Indians; compare ways American Indians communicated long ago with ways people communicate today;  informal assessment, crossword puzzle activity, weekly Assessment.

L -What stuck with me?