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Daily Lesson Plans

September 5th-8th

Title: Our Weekly Lesson Plans in PE 


E- Engage * Meet and greet students at the door. 

X – Explore * As students enter the gym, they begin jogging while music plays on their designated class color until all three classes have arrived. 

C – Communication * Tell me Something Good, discuss rules and routines as needed, and their time in PE. 


Classes are divided into three classes among three teachers. Each class has an equal amount of time in three stations. 

1. Track Station (students can walk, run or jog) (NO turning flips on track and NO carring other student on their back) 

2. Exercise Station 

3. Activity Fun Station – (station changes about every two weeks) 

E – Empower * Students are reminded of the three options they have on the track daily. The rules of the activity station are explained and modeled daily. 

Activity Fun Station for the week: Volleyball 

Skills; hands, feet and legs formation, control of volleyball while bumping, as they progress, we’ll make a circle to see how far we can count while bumping the ball. Once the ball touches the floor the count starts over. 

L – Launch * Students have exemplifies the qualities of sportsmanship and salutes our logo, “TEAMWORK”, as they are called by class color to exit the gym and return to class as their teacher arrives.