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Gifted and Talented Programs

Paris ISD provides a comprehensive program for gifted and talented students in grades K-12. Student identification criteria for grades K-1 include mental abilities, achievement, and creativity tests; an observation inventory of gifted behaviors; and an assessment of student products. Criteria for grades 2-3 include a mental ability test, an achievement test, an observation inventory of gifted behaviors, and a creativity test. Grades 4-8 criteria for grades 9-12 include the 4-8 criteria with the addition of grades and omission of the evaluation subset. An array of learning opportunities is offered for gifted and talented students. K-5 students are served in full-day talent pool enrichment classes. 

Socrates- In addition, students identified for the grades 3-4 Socrates program participate one-half day per week in a pullout, interdisciplinary class.