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Week of Sept. 19-23



Students will complete their "Summer Memories" self-portraits by painting the background water on their picture.  Students will review the term self-portrait, recall that ovals are used to draw a face & review that bubbles travel upward when we're under water.  We'll also discuss water safety and the importance of never swimming alone. 

*Students will also be introduced to the song, "Red & Yellow Blues" and the "Picasso Polka"

4th Grade 

"LINE STUDY"  Students will complete their study of lines, patterns  and colors.

This project involved the use of rulers & enabled students to create 8-12 different shapes or angles on their giant picture.  We discussed the term line segment, vertical lines and talked about the definition of the word "intersect".  Students were also encouraged to express their own individuality in this picture by using 3-4 of their shapes to depict something unique to them!

The students have worked extremely hard on this project!  I'm so excited for our Aikin faculty and families to get to see the fruit of their labor.  This is quite possibly one of the most beautiful art lesson my students have ever completed & I one that you will certainly want to keep for years to come. 










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