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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

The Aikin Library operates on a flexible schedule. 1st-4th grade students are allowed to check out books anytime during the school day. Kindergarten students will visit during the week with their entire class.  Our Library has a flexible schedule, students come on an as needed basis and/or when classroom time allows.

1st-4th graders may check out 2 books, Kindergarten 1 book. When accompanied by a parent or guardian, children may have up to 5 books.  Students may check out 1 additional book when working on a project.

Books in the Easy section check out for a 1 week period. Fiction books are checked out for 2 weeks. Students may recheck the book as needed. Fines are not charged when the overdue book is returned. Students that cannot pay for a lost book may make payments on the book until the balance is clear. Any student making weekly payments toward the lost book may continue to check out one book.