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Week of Aug.19,2019

08/19/2019 to 08/22/2019


E-  Meet and Greet at the door.
X-  Morning Meeting
C-Lessons 1-5
E- Introduce morning meeting procedures and new vocabulary; one more and one less than a number; graph data on a graph; tell and show time to the hour; write numbers to 100;  addition facts:  doubles with sums to 20
L - What Stuck With Me?


C- Clark the Shark and Good Citizens.  Read aloud book - Meet the Dogs of Bedlam Farm and Just a Dream
E- Saxon -  lessons 1-5 - Short and long vowels; Grammar - subjects and predicates of a simple sentence; combine 2 simple sentences to form compound sentence. Writers book - analyze narrative text for central idea, use text features to get meaning; descriptive language; elements of narrative writing and writing process.
L- What stuck with me?
Social Studies
C -Week 3 - Rules and Responsibility
E - Students will extend and refine their knowledge of rules and the consequences of breaking the rules.  They will learn that people in authority have limits on their authority.  Discuss and sign social contract.  Discuss rules at school and the consequences. 
L -What stuck with me?
C- Unit 1 - Work like a scientist.
E-  Use inquiry skills. Vocabulary:  explore, compare, organize, model, infer
L - What stuck with me?