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Wickes' Newsletter



THANKS to Layne Hundley, Zander Gunwall, Chelbi Crowell, and Spencer Bell for sharing snacks!!!

HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY to Holden Fowler!!

THANKS!!! Thanks to mothers, dad, and grandmother who joined us at the fire station last Tuesday!  The students enjoyed the trip and talked about information that they learned.They loved climbing into the fire truck!


Academics for the Week

Language Arts-  expository text, identify letters and sounds, blend word parts, form letters legibly, generate ideas for writing

Math- counting sets 0-10, cardinality of set,writing numbers 1-10, determine what number comes next (starting from any other number)

Science- discuss how objects change through heat/cold, use senses to obtain information

Social Studies- working together cooperatively


SIGHT WORDS FOR 1ST 9 WEEKS ARE;   a     me  I   my     one     two   three   red   yellow   green   blue    orange   green  can  like


Today was day 6- computer          Tues- day 7  Music 1                    Wed- day 8 PE                  Thur. day 9- Music 2           Fri-- Art day 1   Next Monday, October 20 will be PE





























































REMINDERS- Please initial and return your child's Monday folder each Tuesday.

We go to the library on Tuesday and Thursday.  Students may only check out a book if they return their previous book.  Remind your child to place his/her book in backpack immediately after you read it to him/her.

Please remember to send a written excuse when your child returns to school following an absence.  These must be turned in to the attendance secretary. Thanks.


Friday, September 26- Spirit stamps will be sold during lunch

Wednesday, October 1- School Pictures

Friday, October 3- Staff Development Day/Student Holiday

Tuesday, October 7- Our class will visit the fire station












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