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Weekly Lessons


Lesson plans are presented using the EXCEL model

E - ENGAGE (Welcome to Class)

X - EXPLORE (Mini Lesson Over New or Previous Concepts)

C - COMMUNICATE (Goals/Objectives for New Learning)

E - EMPOWER (Guided/Group/Independent Practice)

L - LAUNCH (A Positive Send Off for the Day)  

Week of September 16-September 20, 2019

* Language Arts-Recognizing, printing and learning the sound of the letter ‘Letter ‘Tt’, ‘Rain, Rain, Go away’, compound words, distinguishing between a word and a sentence, identifying letters/sounds, blending sounds to make words, recognizing sight words...I, can, we, the, like, a, play, see, look, red, yellow, blue, green

* Math-Counting to 30 every day, identifying and writing numbers 0-9, calendar rountines, 1 to 1 correspondence and acting out story problems 

* Science-Understanding Matter

* Social Studies-Continue learning the name of our school, town, and state, learning the Pledges to the U.S. and Texas flags, and working together as a group

* Rotation-M-Music 1., T-P.E., W-Music 2, TH-Art, F-P.E.