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Weekly Lessons


Lesson plans are presented using the EXCEL model

E - ENGAGE (Welcome to Class)

X - EXPLORE (Mini Lesson Over New or Previous Concepts)

C - COMMUNICATE (Goals/Objectives for New Learning)

E - EMPOWER (Guided/Group/Independent Practice)

L - LAUNCH (A Positive Send Off for the Day)  


September 28th – October 2nd  

ELAR:  Letter Gg, recognize vowels and practice saying the alphabet.  Separate words in compound words.  Practice letter sound/identification.  Practice connecting letter sounds with their spelling.  Continuing to identify syllables and rhyming words

MATH:  Shapes (circle, triangle, square, and rectangle) .  Skywriting #0 and writing #1, placing real objects on a graph, using positional words and phrases and counting to 10 with 1:1 correspondence. 

SCIENCE:  Solving Problems, and identifying Community helpers

SOCIAL STUDIESUnderstanding time, months of the year, days of the week and creating timelines. 


“Schools around the world” and “Annie Bea and Chi Chi”

We are continuing to review colors and focusing on sight words: see, me, and, we, my, I, A, can & like.