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Weekly Lessons


Lesson plans are presented using the EXCEL model

E - ENGAGE (Welcome to Class)

X - EXPLORE (Mini Lesson Over New or Previous Concepts)

C - COMMUNICATE (Goals/Objectives for New Learning)

E - EMPOWER (Guided/Group/Independent Practice)

L - LAUNCH (A Positive Send Off for the Day)  


January 19th-22nd  


ELAR: blending phonemes, rhyming, initial sounds, letter and sound review, and writing formation.

MATH:  Comparing sets of objects and numbers, combinations by counting on, weighing objects, and matching number sets.






Letters Learned:

L, O, G, H, T, P, A, N, M, I, S, F, R, K, B and this we are reviewing.


This week we are report card testing, please know that this is a reflection of what they have retained so far this year.  Please be working with students on sight word flashcards that were sent home.