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Lesson Plans




E-  Meet and Greet at the door.

X-  Morning Meeting

C-Lessons 23-26

E- Divide a shape in half, shade one-half of a shape, identify if a fractional part of a whole is closer to 0, ½, or 1, divide a square in half two different ways, add facts doubles plus one, written assessment 4, identify geometric shape pieces that differ in one way, tell and show time to the half hour, expanded notation, memorization of second grade math facts.

L - What Stuck With Me?



C- Module 2, week 3 - pp422-495

E - Reading:  Fables, vocabulary, informational text, power words, features and elements of drama, review for test,  Unit 1 Test, nouns

 - Phonics -  Saxon Phonics - lesson 21-25, combination -ur,  qu, ar, and er, Phonics Assessment , spelling test on Friday

  -Grammar:  Plural nouns with -es, and collective nouns,

  -Writing:  revise drafts, use complete sentences, add or change adjectives, use different sentence types, check writing samples, proofreading, and write legibly, publish writing, share writing

L - What stuck with me?


C - Unit 3 - Technology and Our World

E-  Discuss “ What is technology?” Unit 3 review, Sum it up, Brain check

L - What stuck with me?


Social Studies

C -Week 6 - Technlogy

E -  Discuss how to use technology in the media center and classroom; discuss primary sources and how they help us learn about history.

L -What stuck with me?