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Lesson Plans





E-  Meet and Greet at the door.

X-  Morning Meeting

C-Lessons 80-1 -  83

E- Fact practice, subtracting -4 facts, drawing a picture to solve a problem,  written assessment 15, oral assessment 8, cutting a geometric shape apart and making a new shape, using comparison symbols -, <, >, =, reading and drawing a pictograph with a scale of 2, writing a fraction to show a part of a set; picturing a fractional part of a set, continue to use wrap-ups daily,  memorization of second grade math facts.

L - What Stuck With Me?



C- Unit 6 - A  - Examining characteristics of fiction, including drama

E - Reading:  Book 4, Module 7, Week 1 - Read aloud book Miss Moore Thought Otherwise,  Reading I Am Helen Keller,, Discuss vocabulary words/power words, learning to read a biography,  text organization, synthesize, text features, Assessment over I Am Helen Keller,  reading in library books, AR testing, Scholastic News, Science Spin

 - Phonics - Lessons 81-85; the rule v’/cv, suffixes ful and ness, final stable syllable -tion, sight words, assessment 17; spelling test on Friday

  -Grammar:  Adverbs, review of previously taught parts of speech

  -Writing:  Journal writing,  cursive writing, informational and  procedural text,

L - What stuck with me?



C - Unit 8 - Animal and Plant Needs

E-    Lesson 1- What Are Animal Needs?, Voc:  Basic needs, survive, lungs, gills, shelter;  Sum it up, brain check, brainpop videos and quiz, STEM, Engineering and Technology:  Tool Time, Science Spin/Scholastic News

 L - What stuck with me?


Social Studies

C -Continue Presidents and Patriots - Week 17

E - Discuss people who have made important contributions to our country’s history; discuss individuals, events, and documents that represent the US;  worksheets, Weekly Assessment, Scholastic News,

L -What stuck with me?