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Frances Reed


Welcome to my website!

I am so pleased you stopped by! My name is Frances Reed, and I am the Technology Lead Teacher at Aikin Elementary School. This means that I have several jobs here at Aikin!


My most important - and most fun - job is to teach computer classes during Rotation. Students come to the computer lab once every 9 days as part of Rotation. For our technology lessons, we use a program called EasyTech in the lab. Students will follow this curriculum to learn important technology skills such as keyboarding, working with images and spreadsheets, creating documents, and many other skills. The goal is for students to master technological skills in the lab that they can then take back to their classrooms to use in all of their academic subjects. Here are some examples:

  • 4th grade students will learn how to create a pie chart in the lab, then go to their math class and use this skill to solve math problems.

  • 3rd grade students will learn research tools and techniques that they can use in all areas of their curriculum.

  • 2nd grade students will create and save images that they learn to insert into documents to help with report writing.

  • 1st grade students will continue learning keyboarding tools that will help them with capitalization and punctuation.

  • Kindergarten students will begin learning the keyboard by matching letters with sounds to facilitate beginning to read.

Additionally, I am responsible for making sure that all the technology at Aikin stays in good working condition. 

I am assisted in the Computer Lab by Ms. Cindy Johnson. There are times during the day when I am out of the lab to work on "ailing" computers in classrooms, and Ms. Johnson manages the lab when I am away.

I have been on the faculty at Aikin since 1998. My husband, Randy, and I have two kids, Amanda and James, who were both students at Aikin, and are proud alumni of Paris High School.  Amanda graduated from the University of Alabama, and earned her Master's degree from Texas Tech University, and James is a graduate of Texas Tech (our family picture at the top of the page was taken when Amanda received her Master's degree in August, 2011). 

I am a big fan of the Paris Independent School District. I have seen my own children go off to college and compare exceptionally well to students from all over the USA both academically and personally because of the education they received at PHS and the experiences they had and the wide variety of friends they made while they were there.

Please feel free to email me at any time if you have questions about our technology department. I can be reached at Or stop me in the hallway...or the cafeteria...or the front crosswalk during my morning duty! I will be happy to answer your questions, or to help in any way that I can!



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