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Aikin Family,

Like us, we know you have been saddened by the pictures coming in after Hurricane Harvey. We’re so sad to think of all the schoolkids, very much like our own, who aren’t sure when they’re going to get to go back home, or what home even looks like anymore. We want to help, and so beginning Tuesday, we will be collecting both cash and/or gift cards to national businesses that we will gather and send to elementary schools like ours in south Texas. Schoolkids and teachers may need all new school supplies when they do get to go back to school, and we believe that gift cards will be the easiest and most efficient way to help with that. 

We’re looking for gift cards to places like Walmart (especially helpful), Walgreens, CVS, Office Depot, Home Depot, Dollar Tree, even online places like Amazon. Please keep the amount to $10-$15 PER GIFT CARD so that we can help as many people as possible. For example, if you’d like to donate $20, you could put $10 each on 2 cards. We’re also collecting cash, which we’ll use to purchase gift cards.

We’ve chosen to help two schools in Rockport, Texas – Ground Zero for landfall of the hurricane – Live Oak Elementary and Fulton Learning Center. We’ll be looking for other elementary schools to help as well.

We will collect all the money and gift cards in the Aikin office, and the principals along with a couple of teachers, will determine the best places for your donations to go. There are several educational organizations that are keeping lists of who needs help, and we’ll consult them as we decide.

We will begin collecting immediately, so if you are able to help, don’t hesitate to send your donations in right away. We’ll update the Aikin Facebook page as we go, so you’ll know what’s coming in and what’s being sent to help.

Thank you so much for your help with this! We hope to use this drive as another chance to help our students understand what it means to be good neighbors.


Kimberly Donnan



Welcome to Aikin Elementary School!



A. M. Aikin Elementary School is a K - 4th grade campus within Paris Independent School District in Paris (Lamar County), Texas, with approximately 950 students.

2017-2018 Aikin theme:
TEAM Aikin
To Boldly Go!

Mission Statement: The mission of Aikin Elementary School is
to educate children, enrich their lives, and enable them to reach their fullest potential.

School Philosophy: We believe that Aikin Elementary School is a caring, child-centered environment where:

Positive learning takes place

All children can learn

Social skills and healthy relationships are developed

Each individual is treated with dignity and respect

Children realize their self-worth and the worth of others

Problem-solving skills are practiced so that children become productive citizens

Today's learning produces tomorrow's leaders

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