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Classroom Expectations


Classroom Expectations

1. The student will attend school every day unless ill. We serve only those students who are committed to school. Only ten (10) absences will be allowed. Parents* will be contacted after 3 absences, again after 6, and after 9. A student will be dismissed from the program on the 11th absence.

2. A parent* will need to listen to the child read books and supervise completion of other tasks that are sent home by the teacher each evening.

3. A student must bring the book and all other materials sent home each evening back to school on the following school day.

4. Parents* and student are responsible for taking good care of our materials, and those books and materials that are damaged or lost must be paid for promptly.

5.Parents* need to recognize student successes --- no matter how small --- and encourage him/her to continue to work to the best of his/her ability.

6. While in class, a student will be expected to follow the school-wide good citizenship and study habits expections as listed in A.M.Aikin Elementary Student Handbook - 2019-2020.

* or legal guardian(s)