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What Can I Do To Help My Child At Home?



What Can I Do to Help My Child at Home?


Each day your child will bring home familiar books to read and a story that he has written.

1. Listen to your child read his familiar books. You may note that your child may bring home some books several times. He continues to reread these books as long as there is something there for him to learn. And yes, the teacher would like for you to hear him reread this book each time that it is brought home.

2.Next, it's time for the the envelope story.

First, listen to your child read the complete sentence that the teacher has printed on the envelope. If he has forgotten the sentence, tell your child what it says. Have him repeat the sentence.

Second, watch your child put the cut-up pieces back in the correct order. He may do this with or without the envelope as a guide.

After the sentence is put back together, ask him to check it against the sentence on the envelope to make sure that it correct; have the child read the sentence back to you.

Last, be careful not to use the words as flashcards. Do NOT expect your child to read the words without the entire sentence being present.

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