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What is Reading Recovery


What Is Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery is a first grade early intervention program designed to reduce reading failures. It serves as a safety net for children having difficulty in any good classroom reading program. Our program was developed by New Zealand educator Dr. Marie M. Clay. The research of Dr. Clay (1982, 1985) reveals that poor readers develop ineffective strategies that persist and may actually hinder the reading process and block further learning. Poor readers experience problems in other areas of learning and usually have diminished confidence and low self-esteem. The longer a child fails, the harder remediation becomes. Individually administered diagnostic procedures (Clay, 1985) are used to identify children in need of special help. Intervention procedures (Clay, 1985) are then individually tailored to help a failing child become a successful reader. Children at risk of failing to learn to read meet daily in one-on-one sessions with a specially trained teacher for an average of 12-20 weeks. The goal of our program is for children to develop effective reading and writing strategies in order to work within an average group setting in the regular classroom.


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