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About Lori Blackmon

Welcome to our classroom! We are wild about learning!

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Work# 737- 7443

Conference Time:  9:00-9:45/ 3:00-3:30

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I have been teaching for twenty-three years, twenty with Paris ISD.   I love working with children and love seeing them learn. My philosophy is "Make learning fun and memorable!" I am excited about having your child in my class this year and hope they have an enjoyable experience as well!  I enjoy reading in my spare time and traveling.  I have 3 boys that keep me busy at all times. 

Reading is the key to a successful career in school!  I love reading to my students and find that they enjoy being read to as well.  I share stories that my family has enjoyed over the years and relate them to experiences that occur in our classroom. 

I love learning and teaching about Geography/Social Studies.  I feel it is important to explore and learn from other places and cultures.  Each student will be given a country to research and share with their classmates.  We will compare and relate other civilizations to our own.

Science is another passion of mine.  It's very important to discover how things work and what makes them "tick".  I hope to have hands on activities available when specific topics arise in our lessons. I love learning about rainforests, deserts, life-cycles, animal classification, and studying about Space is my absolute favorite!

My quote for Math is (and your child has already learned this:) "Math is nothing but a puzzle and puzzles are fun!" Math is such an important subject throughout your child's whole career in school. I can't stress how important it is that in order for your child to have a positive experience in math, that he or she has to learn their math facts! Every chance you get, please quiz them over their math facts. The best way I have seen for a child to learn their math facts  is to post math flashcards through-out the house; even in the car. Post them: inside kitchen cabinets, on the closet door, car visor, above the toilet, all sides of the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, above the beds, by light switches, ... It is surprising how the brain associates numbers with inanimate objects; and as they try to pull the math fact from memory it is connected to the object it is imprinted with! Make up your favorite fact families. Ask your child what Ms. Blackmon's favorite math fact is...almost everyone in the class is able to tell you..."Ms. Blackmon's favorite is 7 + 8 = 15 or 8 + 7 =15" (later; multiplication fact is 7 x 8 = 56 and 8 x 7=56).

Building vocabulary is an integral part of learning in our everyday lives.  Having a strong lexicon is a vital key to learning to read and grow intellectually!  I will be incorporating a lot of sign language in our lessons. (I have a degree in Deaf Education and I am also certified to teach regular education).  This year your child will have a folder dedicated to the words they will discover and process for everyday language.  I encourage you to ask your child to share the new words they have learned weekly.

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